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Choose the Best Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings for Your Perfect Wedding

Gems Pavilion is a Bangkok-based jewelry specialist with years of experience and expertise who can offer advice in choosing an engagement ring or a wedding ring to suit both the bride and the groom. We help you every step of the way, from deciding on a budget, going through our various designs with special promotions and more. As engagement rings and wedding rings are special and are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, it is advisable to have the help of a specialist in order to get the perfect ring for you.

Gems Pavilion takes a lot of time and care in the diamond selection process. We work together with our high-class Thai artisans in order to get a diamond wedding ring and engagement ring that will show off Gems Pavilion’s unique design touch, inspired by our very own brand logo, that is unique from every other brand.

Two things in a bride’s life that will stay with you after the wedding are the man you love and the engagement and wedding rings.


Q: What is the starting price for engagement and wedding bands?

Engagement rings
Most of the time, an engagement ring is a single diamond ring that emphasizes the distinctiveness of the diamond. For high-jewelry, our 18k gold jewelry which has gone through a meticulous process has the starting price at around 50,000 baht. You can choose a higher quality level of diamonds to suit the ring as well.

Wedding bands
These rings are elegant and simple and do not emphasize the distinctiveness of the diamonds. For high-jewelry, the 18k gold band which has gone through a meticulous process has the starting price at around 15,000 baht depending on the material of the ring and diamonds used.

Q: What is a diamond certificate? And why is it important?

A: A diamond certificate is a document that guarantees that you actually get what you pay for. The certificate is a document that specifies the details of the diamond which includes information about its carat weight, color, clarity as well as cut quality. There are a few international gemstone institutions within the diamond industry, but the name that is most familiar toThai people and also internationally recognized is none other than ‘GIA’ which has become a key player grading diamonds nowadays.

In addition to the GIA diamond certificate that is accredited worldwide there are other institutions such as AGS (American Gem Society) and HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant), etc. But at Gems Pavilion, we only use GIA certified diamonds because they are the highest standards in diamonds so our customers can feel confident when buying diamonds and jewelry from us.

For the bride and groom who are searching for the right ring design for themselves and their partner, you can come and choose and inquire about engagement rings and wedding bands that can be found at both Gems Pavilion stores. Whether it’s at The Emporium or Siam Paragon our shops have a Jewelry Advisor who has knowledge and understanding of diamond jewelry and gemstones to give you the best advice.