Let Pearl Earrings Complement Your Look from Dawn till Dusk

If you’re desire to add some elegance and glamour into your everyday look, pearl earrings are the perfect accessory for you. Our pearl earrings at Gems Pavilion offer a seamless mix of big and small pearls, as well as diamonds that are beautifully designed to look both modern and classical at the same time, making them suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Beautifully crafted from a careful selection of pearls, Gems Pavilion earrings are designed to shine and glow beyond words.

Whether you’re attending a meeting or a dinner party, beautiful pearl earrings will be sure to capture all eyes in the room.




Q: Where do you buy diamond jewelry that is most suitable for you?

A: We recommend purchasing from leading diamond jewelry manufacturing and distribution companies such as Gems Pavilion that are reliable, where your commissions can be controlled from the start of production all the way to after-sales service. That’s because we have diamond grading, design, manufacturing, and final inspection processes all in one facility which has quality control that will guarantee a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be delivered to customers with confidence.

What’s more, you will be given advice on choosing the right diamond for your needs and budget. You will also get the most beautiful and affordable diamonds from many sources around the world. Leading diamond shops also have a variety of styles of diamond jewelry to choose from or you can even choose to create new pieces designed by a team of leading Thai designers in every piece.

Once the design is complete, it will be passed on to the craftsmen who will then create beautiful jewelry coupled with the selection of high-quality diamonds and gems ensuring that you will get the most beautiful diamond jewelry you can trust forever. In addition to that, Gems Pavilion also has a company reference. There is also a brand logo laser to certify the standard and we are ready to provide after-sales service all the time.

Q: How do you choose earrings that will be the most beautiful and suitable for your ear shape?

A: Whether earrings suit your ear shape and look good or not depends on the earring’s backing. You have to choose the right earrings with the right backing to ensure they are the most suitable for your ear. The earring backings at Gems Pavilion offer great support which will make the earring sit at a good position on your ears. So to answer your question, the most beautiful and suitable earrings for your ear shape depend on the shape of the earrings as well as the backing of the earrings.

  • For those who have thin earlobes cup backings which when put on will make the diamond not jump up
  • For people whose earrings are quite large, the backing used should be as big as the earring. The reason is when the surface is very exposed. The weight must be distributed in order to put it on beautifully.


Customers can come to choose earrings of various designs and backings that are suitable for the shape of the ears. Customers can come to try and wear earrings at Gems Pavilion, which can be modified according to customer needs to allow customers to wear jewelry that is beautiful, fit and most suitable for our customers.

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