Diamond Pendants, the Jewelry of Choice for Modern Women

Gems Pavilion’s uniquely designed diamond pendants give you the freedom to wear them as pendants, brooches or rings. Our diamond pendants allow you to mix and match, expressing yourself with ultimate style and sophistication.

Our diamond pendants are crafted by our leading designers, to enhance your look wherever you are, from working to partying with friends.

Not only being suitable as a pair of jewelry in your everyday life, diamond pendants also make a wonderful gift for special occasions that will always leave a lasting impression on the recipient.


Q: What is a diamond certificate? And why is it important?

A: A diamond certificate is a document that guarantees that you actually get what you pay for. The certificate is a document that specifies the details of the diamond which includes information about its carat weight, color, clarity as well as cut quality. There are a few international gemstone institutions within the diamond industry, but the name that is most familiar to Thai people and also internationally recognized is none other than ‘GIA’ which has become a key player grading diamonds nowadays.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a gemological institution from the United States. This institute has established standards for assessing diamond quality, with their most notable and outstanding system being their diamond color grading scale. This is a color-coded scale with English letters starting from D-Z which makes it easy and fast for buyers to find the right diamond for themselves.

In addition to the GIA diamond certificate that is accredited worldwide there are other institutions such as AGS (American Gem Society) and HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant), etc. But at Gems Pavilion, we only use GIA certified diamonds because they are the highest standards in diamonds so our customers can feel confident when buying diamonds and jewelry from us.

Q: Which diamond cut has the most sparkle?

A: If we’re talking about Standard Cuts, the Round Brilliant cut will reflect light the best and give the most sparkle, next comes the Princess shape and the Cushion shape, while the Ascher shape and the Emerald shape will give you a different reflection of light.

Q: What after-sales service does Gems Pavilion provide?


  1. Gems Pavilion takes care of jewelry throughout its lifespan. We offer after-sales services such as cleaning, polishing, plating, and checking the tightness of keys and locks free of charge. In the case of jewelry that needs to be replaced or the diamond is loose, there is a service fee that will inform the cost before proceeding.
  2. Gems Pavilion recommends restringing your diamond necklaces once a year so this is one of our services. You can choose to receive this service at any branch you wish.
  3. Special customers at Gems Pavilion will receive special privileges to participate in various activities, receive special jewelry offers and other special privileges from both Gems Pavilion and our business partners regularly.
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