Gems Pavilion is a brand founded in 1996 by a Thai family and is empowered by Thai staff. The dedication, creativity and spirit of our inspired designers and artisans have contributed to the success of Gems Pavilion as an international brand with products sold in every corner around the world, from Asia to Europe, American and the Middle East. In Thailand, Gems Pavilion is a leader in jewellery making which provides one-stop service, from designing, manufacturing, distribution and exportation. Unique designs, delicate craftsmanship and high-quality gems have made Gems Pavilion a luxury and stylish brand with timeless designs acknowledged by leading business people, well-known artists and stylists. Until present, Gems Pavilion’s creations have been worn by many stars, models and celebrities in Thailand and worldwide.

Gems Pavilion has staff to work on every process of jewellery making, from diamonds and gems selection, design and creation, setting and assembling. The manufacturing unit is located at our Head Office at 58 Pan Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 (tel.+ 662-637-9130-6  Fax: +662-637-9144-6)

Diamond and gem selection is an essential process for Gems Pavilion. We use only the diamonds and gems that meet our Gems Pavilion standard. Every year, each of more than 1,000,000 diamonds and gems will go through the strict selection and audit processes by our experts, where the colors, the cuts, the purity, and the weights of the diamonds and gemstones are closely examined. With our high standard, only 20% of all diamonds and gems are selected to make our jewellery pieces.

After selecting the design, the next step is creating a prototype. This process can be done in many ways, from creating gold settings, silver mold and wax carving by hand to creating waxes with the 3D printer using CAD program. The selection of the method used for each setting is based on factors like the complication, detail and size of the setting. The materials vary from 18k white gold to pink gold.

Gems Pavilion doesn’t have branches overseas, but we have a department that deals with exportation. We also attend international trade fairs every year.

As our products have lifetime warranty, we have after sales service for every product. The service includes setting cleaning, setting adjustment and modification, repair and maintenance.

Customers can return or change the purchased products within 7 days after delivery.

Since we have an in-house design department, Gems Pavilion can provide consultation and create customized jewellery pieces. Customers who are interested in doing customized jewellery can contact us for more information.