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The Wave Collection

Always the trend setter in jewellery, Gems Pavilion’s new high jewellery collection, The Wave, features a unique new set of diamond jewellery for you to take on each day with

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wedding ring

Gems Pavilion LOVE

Celebrate love and your loved one with the Gems Pavilion LOVE collection, the new elegant bridal jewelry collection that infuses high jewelry with a unique character. Because we believe that

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Diamond earrings emblem 01

The Emblem Extension Collection

Following the tremendous success of The Emblem collection, a special Thai jewellery collection launched earlier this year to celebrate the brand’s 22 nd anniversary, Gems Pavilion’s iconic logo is again

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The Twinkle Collection

Unique jewellery pieces make everyday special and let you shine in your own way. This philosophy has been part of Gems Pavilion, Thailand’s fine jewellery maker, since its conception in

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Diamond necklace care

Jewellery Care Guideline

General Facts Gemstones’ durability is based on two factors, which are hardness and toughness. These terms are not the same and people are often confused between these two. Hardness defines

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Emconic diamond 01

The EmConic Collection

After 25 years of success, many creations of Gems Pavilion have become the brand’s icons. One notable collection is The Iconic collection that highlights the beauty of fancy cut diamonds.

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