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The Chain

The Chain: chain jewellery is part of Gems Pavilion’s iconic collections since2015 What: A saying goes that classics never die, and this remains true for chain jewellery that, after a

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Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs, unique accessories that stylishly add glam to your look What: Apart from a variety of earring designs, another kind of accessories that can help decorate your ears is

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What colours you are in?

Favourite colours and beloved jewellery In the colourful world we live in, it’s hard to choose a favourite. The colours we like appear in the clothes we wear, the jewellery

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The Office Society

By now, most of us working women are probably back in the office as usual. After having to work from home for many months, some of you may find yourselves

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The Bride Side

How to pick a-trendy wedding ring? With a fresh new year upon us, not only are New Year festivities going strong, but it’s also prime time for many couples to

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The Most Favourite Five

Five jewelry pieces that stole the scene Hollywood movies from the past to the present have elements that stick out to us, whether it be the storyline, soundtrack, memorable quotes,

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The 21st Century Women

It looks like the jewelry industry will be thriving again in this upcoming new year with a variety of eye-catching designs from designers who are determined to create show-stopping pieces

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The Craftsmanship

   Aiming to make woman beautiful, Gems Pavilion creates exceptional Jewellery that enhances its beholder’s elegance and beauty without over powering her. We combine extraordinary designs, exceptional materials and remarkable

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