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The Most Favourite Five

Five jewelry pieces that stole the scene Hollywood movies from the past to the present have elements that stick out to us, whether it be the storyline, soundtrack, memorable quotes,

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The 21st Century Women

It looks like the jewelry industry will be thriving again in this upcoming new year with a variety of eye-catching designs from designers who are determined to create show-stopping pieces

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The Craftsmanship

   Aiming to make woman beautiful, Gems Pavilion creates exceptional Jewellery that enhances its beholder’s elegance and beauty without over powering her. We combine extraordinary designs, exceptional materials and remarkable

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The Journey of The Pearl EP. 4

The attention to every process of jewellery creation, from designing, material sourcing to manufacturing along with 22 years of history has made Gems Pavilion a widely acknowledged Thai jewellery brand.

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The Journey of The Pearl EP. 3

The continuous quests for the best raw materials clearly reflect Gems Pavilion’s attention to every step of jewellery making. From the designing to the manufacturing process, only the best things

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The Journey of the Pearl

With the belief that the finest jewellery creations come from the best materials, Gems Pavilion has dedicated itself in sourcing high quality materials that meet the brand’s longstanding standard. For

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The First View

Revealing the first image that introduced Gems Pavilion to the world. Every image has a story. Gems Pavilion’s first image was one of a bright green emerald ring and a

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The Art of being an Icon

How our icon came to be… Throughout the 25 years of Gems Pavilion, one recognisable element of the brand is its marquise diamond-inspired icon logo. Read on to learn about

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