Add a Special Touch to Your Look with Elegant Diamond Brooches

Add colour to your elegant look with uniquely designed, multi-dimensional diamond brooches that flow with your movements, helping you express your individuality and style.

At Gems Pavilion, our team of designers and craftsmen work together to create intricate and sophisticated diamond brooches that will stay in place securely, making them the perfect fit with every occasion.

Our diamond brooches can be mixed and matched with a variety of clothing styles, whether you want to attach it to a suit to add some flare or adorn it on an elegant evening gown. Gems Pavilion’s diamond brooches will surely be a mesmerizing addition to your outfit.




Q: Where do you buy diamond jewelry that is most suitable for you?

A: We recommend purchasing from leading diamond jewelry manufacturing and distribution companies such as Gems Pavilion that are reliable, where your commissions can be controlled from the start of production all the way to after-sales service. That’s because we have diamond grading, design, manufacturing, and final inspection processes all in one facility which has quality control that will guarantee a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be delivered to customers with confidence.

What’s more, you will be given advice on choosing the right diamond for your needs and budget. You will also get the most beautiful and affordable diamonds from many sources around the world. Leading diamond shops also have a variety of styles of diamond jewelry to choose from or you can even choose to create new pieces designed by a team of leading Thai designers in every piece.

Once the design is complete, it will be passed on to the craftsmen who will then create beautiful jewelry coupled with the selection of high-quality diamonds and gems ensuring that you will get the most beautiful diamond jewelry you can trust forever. In addition to that, Gems Pavilion also has a company reference. There is also a brand logo laser to certify the standard and we are ready to provide after-sales service all the time.


Q: What after-sales service does Gems Pavilion provide?


  1. Gems Pavilion takes care of jewelry throughout its lifespan. We offer after-sales services such as cleaning, polishing, plating, and checking the tightness of keys and locks free of charge. In the case of jewelry that needs to be replaced or the diamond is loose, there is a service fee that will inform the cost before proceeding.
  2. Gems Pavilion recommends restringing your diamond necklaces once a year so this is one of our services. You can choose to receive this service at any branch you wish.
  3. Special customers at Gems Pavilion will receive special privileges to participate in various activities, receive special jewelry offers and other special privileges from both Gems Pavilion and our business partners regularly.

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