How our icon came to be…

Throughout the 25 years of Gems Pavilion, one recognisable element of the brand is its marquise diamond-inspired icon logo. Read on to learn about the idea behind this icon and its developments.

The Beginning

The Beginning – The Making of a (Brand) Name

“It took a long while for me to come up with a name for the brand. I was also working in the real estate industry and was thinking that the word “pavilion” should be incorporated in some way. I coupled it with the word “gems” and so it became Gems Pavilion,” said “Top” Piya Atchariyasripong as he recalled the thought process behind the brand name that became the jumping-off point for everything after.

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins – The Crafting of an Image (Position)

“Our brief to the logo designer was that we wanted gemstones. We wanted a pavilion with arches and lots of jewellery. This concept is central to our designs. Arches are always present in the design of our stores. At the World Trade Center, our store had an outward arch design. At Paragon and the Emporium, there is an inward arch design. Never a square.”

The Logo Rises

The Logo Rises – The Creative Force

“We briefed the designer on the background story of the brand name, so they designed the logo in relation to that concept. We went through several drafts, but nothing felt right. In the end, we canned them all and went back to the diamond. But most of the diamond logos out there were just of round diamonds. Nothing stood out to us.”

The Right Choice

The Right Choice – Looking Back, Changing Perspectives

“I then proposed that we try fancy cut diamonds. We brainstormed and when we got to the marquise shape, I thought it looked nice. So the designer team worked on developing that. Now we have an icon that fits and represents the brand to this day.”

The Special One

The Special One – The Icon of Icons

“One person who knows our brand and has been collaborating with Gems Pavilion for a long time likes to refer to us as “Mr. Special Logo” because he remembers our brand from our logo. Not many brands choose a fancy cut diamond as their logo, so we’re confident that ours is memorable and leaves long-lasting impressions on people.”

The Emblem Collection

The Emblem Collection –  Insignias of Celebration

That is the story behind Gems Pavilion’s latest collection. The brand’s iconic logo has been interpreted into precious pieces of jewellery that best represent the identity and concepts embodied in Gems Pavilion and the taste of those their creations adorn.

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