BLOG / Put The Right Rings On The Right Fingers!

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Put The Right Rings On The Right Fingers!

Tips for wearing rings for good luck!

Rings are a simple touch of luxury right at your fingertips. Are you in the market for a new ring but don’t know where to start? Are you unsure of what kind of ring to get and for which finger? Below is an astrological guide to help you decide which ring suits you best. But be warned, this is a guide for believers and mainly focuses on attracting good luck. So take a look, choose your style… and have faith!

Tip #1: Choose a hand, choose a finger

Wearing rings on the left hand:

Thumb – Attracts support

Pointer finger – Inspires power and leadership

Middle finger – Repels negative energies

Pinky finger – Attracts good luck in the matters of the heart

Wearing rings on the right hand:

Pointer finger – Attracts generosity and adoration from others

Middle finger – Inspires smooth cash flow

Ring finger – Boosts career

Pinky finger – Enhances personal charm

Tip #2: Wear rings to attract fortune and wealth into your life! This guide dives a bit deeper by focusing on the day you were born.

Sunday – Those born on a Sunday are natural leaders. They are generous and like to help others. Sunday people should wear a ring with a smooth flat band on their left or right middle finger.

Monday – Those born on a Monday are talkative people and masters of conversation. For good luck, Monday people should wear a ring with a smooth and thin band or a ring with a small head on their right ring finger or right pointer finger.

Tuesday – Those born on a Tuesday should pick a good fortune ring with a large head or a curved smooth band and wear it on their left or right middle finger.

Wednesday – Those born on a Wednesday are industrious with a wealth of knowledge. Wednesday people should wear jewelry that enhances their leadership skills by wearing a ring with a flat smooth band that fits snugly on their finger. The ring should be worn on the left middle finger or the right pinky finger.

Thursday – Those born on a Thursday are honest, detailed, and very responsible. Thursday people should choose a smooth band that is a bit larger with some thickness to it. The ring should be worn on the left or right middle finger.

Friday – Those born on a Friday shine with a lot of imagination and creativity. They are also well-loved by everyone and find joy in beauty. Friday people should wear a ring with a curved smooth band that fits snugly on their finger. The ring should be worn on the left pointer finger or the right ring finger.

Saturday – Those born on a Saturday are people with high confidence. They are smart and quick learners. Saturday people should wear a ring with a curved smooth band that is a bit large on their left middle finger or right ring finger.

At the end of the day, your personal fit and tastes should be the leading factors when choosing a good fortune ring. But a touch of faith can add confidence to a ring that not only looks beautiful on you, but also speaks to your heart.


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