General Facts

Gemstones’ durability is based on two factors, which are hardness and toughness. These terms are not the same and people are often confused between these two. Hardness defines the ability to retain its surface’s finish & polish. A mineral’s toughness is the ability of the mineral to resist being fractured. Toughness means resistance to breaking, chipping or cracking in general. The toughness scale ranges from Exceptional, Excellent, Good, Fair to Poor. The toughness rating of diamonds is ‘Good’.

For example: Sapphire and Ruby Both are 9/10 on the Mohs scale. Hardness is second to diamond. Sapphire and Ruby have Excellent toughness and no cleavage.

General care

Fact: After wearing your jewellery for a while prongs might start to loosen, since prongs are made from gold and gold has malleability. For that reason, it is important to send it to the jewellery for maintenance from time to time.

Tips: To avoid losing your ring, do not take off your ring when washing your hands outside the house.

How to clean diamonds at home and Best way to clean your jewellery 

*Ultrasonic cleaners should be only professional use. It might loosen the prongs. 

Diamond Facts

Tips: Diamonds will burn at about 1562oF (850oC). House fires can reach that temperature. Keep your jewellery in jewellery safe which can protect above 1200oC or higher at one period of time. Ask safe dealer for the details.

Pearl special care

Tips: Pearl necklace should be restrung every year. (Gems Pavilion can provide this service) 

Emerald special care

Fact: Most emeralds in the market today 99% are oiled. Gems Pavilion only selected less oiled emerald which will not affect their beauty in long-term.

Semi-Precious Stone special care

Semi-precious stones that are 7 or less than 7 on the Mohs scale will catch the dust easier. Quartz, which is 7/10 on the Mohs scale, is easily dusted. They should be washed with running water to remove all the dust.

Maintenance Schedule

Take them to your jeweller

PearlsDiamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires andSemi-Precious Stones
once a yearevery 6 months

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