BLOG / The Outstanding Artistry of The Emblem collection

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The Outstanding Artistry of The Emblem collection

The Outstanding Artistry of The Emblem collection

Gems Pavilion launches The Emblem, a new collection of high-quality pieces perfected by skilled craftsmen to bestow you with jewelry that celebrates life in each and every day. This is why the creations by Gems Pavilion hold marvel in every step of the process.

Distinct Designs

Gems Pavilion takes the “art of design” to heart. Each year, over 12,000 sketches are selected to be made into actual jewelry pieces. The meticulous selection process is the core of Gems Pavilion’s pursuit to select only the highest quality diamonds and gemstones. More than 1,000,000 carats of diamonds and gemstones enter the selection process each year. A skilled team inspects each and every stone for color, purity, and weight. Only 20% pass the standards set by Gems Pavilion.

The Art of Model Making

After selecting the designs, the next step is creating the models to represent the actual pieces. This is achieved through different methods, such as handcrafted models, silver models, hand-carved wax models, and 3D wax models through CAD software. Our craftsmen will be the ones determining the proper method based on the complexity, details, and size of each jewelry piece.

Assembly and Handcrafted Gold Setting

The craftsmen in the assembly and handcrafted gold setting department at Gems Pavilion are all seasoned with experience in beautifying every little detail on the setting of each jewelry piece. Each piece is secured in position and arranged cohesively for the perfect final piece.

Precise Stone Setting

Our stone setting craftsmen are highly experienced in the positioning of diamonds and gemstones onto the settings and setting the stones with precision. Because the pieces are small and detailed, microscopes are also used to examine the work so that the stone setting can be carried out with 99.99% precision.

The Fine Process of High Jewelry

The next process is characteristic to the creation of High jewelry – polishing and plating by hands of skilled craftsmen and world-class specialized techniques held standard by Gems Pavilion. Each jewelry piece is therefore smooth and beautiful from every angle.

Establishing Production Standards

Laser engraving our icon is another way to assure our customers that each of our creations is up to standards and the number 750 is the standard representation of 18k gold, or 75% gold.

The Fine Process of High Jewelry

Quality check (QC) is not only done in the last step before distribution. In every step of the production process, QC is performed with meticulous care to ensure that each of Gems Pavilion’s pieces carry the pride of the maker, the giver, and the receiver.

A Finished Beauty

The striking presence of Gems Pavilion jewelry is a universal language of beauty that transcends nations and languages. “The Universal Language of Life Celebrations” is Gems Pavilion’s philosophy and inspires the process to create jewelry that is wearable and celebrates life in each and every day.

Gems Pavilion’s creative process is driven with passion and optimism. The enthusiasm that is passed on to all of our skilled craftsmen ensures that everyone shares the same vision and each jewelry piece is crafted in harmony to reflect the true beauty of Gems Pavilion.


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