Following the tremendous success of The Emblem collection, a special Thai jewellery collection launched earlier this year to celebrate the brand’s 22 nd anniversary, Gems Pavilion’s iconic logo is again reinvented in the form of the new collection, The Emblem EXT. (The Emblem Extension).

The meticulous art of fine-jewellery making, which combines unique designs with high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship, is the pillar of the Gems Pavilion universe. For more than 22 years, we never cease to drive ourselves further and innovate.

From the resolution of Gems Pavilion and the brand’s Chairman and Creative Design Director Janitha Thiravorachai to create sophisticated jewellery as a token of everyday life’s celebration, every piece of Gems Pavilion creations is designed with utmost attention in every process, from designing and sourcing the best materials to being crafted into a masterpiece by skilled craftsmen. Every minute detail is taken care of to make the work perfect.

Gems Pavilion’s attention to detail is still present in The Emblem Extension collection, in which the best materials are gathered to create the new masterpieces. Just like the previous collection, the marquise-cut diamonds are at the heart of every piece of diamond ring and earring in this collection. With these crown jewels, the jewellery piece becomes iconic, just like its wearer. As this collection will be launched to celebrate the opening of the new Iconic Boutique at The Icon Siam, every piece in The Emblem Extension collection is designed to be brilliantly unique and eye-catching with sparkling details. A new interpretation of the icon, The Emblem Extension collection is surely a new companion of modern elegant women, a new must-have diamond jewellery.

Inspired by the logo of the brand in the form of marquise diamonds symbolizing the ladies of high society that are the brand’s clients, the collection presents a variety of diamond necklaces, rings and earrings, crafted from putting marquise-cut, Asscher-cut and round-cut diamonds together in the form of the emblem. Moreover, each piece is designed to be versatile, for example, the backing of an earring can be used with others, while the rings and diamond earrings are designed to play with contemporary shapes. All the pieces can be mixed and matched with other designs. The highlight, obviously, are the much sought-after marquise-cut diamonds. Each jewellery piece require more time to create because the diamonds have to match the designs and Gems Pavilion standard. Simple as they might seem, the Gems Pavilion masterpieces are usually filled with rich crafted by trusted experienced artisans.

Gems Pavilion’s The Emblem Extension collection truly reflects the brand’s DNA as the leader in creating iconic jewelry designs. The interplay of different shapes of diamonds is in the form of the multi-shaped rings, while the rare marquise-cut diamonds are matched with asscher and round-cut diamonds to create the seamless masterpieces. No matter how much more time required for this enduring process, Gems Pavilion has thrived to make it happen to give birth to the legendary pieces for your life’s celebrations.

Experience the beauty of the icons of Gems Pavilion at Gems Pavilion boutiques from today onwards.

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