Diamond Bracelets That Will Add Elegance to Your Style

Gems Pavilion has expertly crafted real diamond bracelets that are beautiful from every angle, coupled with smooth double locks so you can wear them with confidence everyday.

Exquisite craftsmanship, outstanding design combined with high quality gemstones make every Gem’s Pavilion’s diamond bracelet a special piece of jewelry that everyone is sure to fall in love with.

No matter what occasion, a diamond bracelet can add style to your look, adding elegance to your everyday look.



Q: Which diamond cut has the most sparkle?

A: If we’re talking about Standard Cuts, the Round Brilliant cut will reflect light the best and give the most sparkle, next comes the Princess shape and the Cushion shape, while the Ascher shape and the Emerald shape will give you a different reflection of light.


Q: How do you choose a diamond from the 4Cs? What should be considered first?

A: At Gems Pavilion we pay the utmost attention to detail when choosing a diamond from the 4Cs. Every step should be carefully examined, which includes what is most easily seen, such as the size of the diamond, to things that are almost invisible to the naked eye such as cleanliness. Starting from Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity where features and prices will vary according to the buyer’s choice.


Q: Why is it better to buy diamonds at Gems Pavilion?

A: Although GIA certificates set the highest standards for diamond inspection and have earned the trust of diamond manufacturers and distributors all over the world, at Gems Pavilion, we’ve established and set a special standard that addresses six points the GIA certificate does not.

  1. We identify any flaws on the diamond as either black or white, GIA doesn’t.
  2. We identify the location of the flaw on the specific side of the diamond, GIA only identifies if it is in the front or back.
  3. We describe how each diamond’s clarity appears
  4. We select only diamonds that are pure without any green, brown, or other colors except for the yellow tint that is common to white diamonds. (Fancy colored diamonds are not taken into account in this guideline.)
  5. We are more detailed in our diamond color selection than in GIA certificates. For example, if the diamond color is grade G, it will be divided into G+, G, and G- and we will never use G- colored diamonds.
  6. We are detailed in the selection of the clarity of diamonds. For example, the clarity will be divided into VVS, VVS+, VVS-. We will not choose a diamond with a negative clarity


This is just one of the main reasons why diamonds from Gems Pavilion are better than anywhere else. Customers who purchase diamonds from Gems Pavilion can do so with confidence and will receive diamonds of the highest standards that have been set to go above and beyond the best international standards. Follow the special gems from Gems Pavilion or ask for more information at Line Official Account: @gemspavilionofficial.

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